Next meetup: Friday the 31st of January (7pm), Poetry Society Studio

The next Emacs London meetup is scheduled for Friday the 31st of January. The meetup will be hosted at the Poetry Society Studio in Holborn, with optional drinks at Cittie of York afterwards.

We will split into small groups/pairs, chat & work on Emacs-related things. Food & drink will be available to purchase at the café downstairs.

We will kick off properly at 7pm but attendees are welcome from 6.30pm.

You must sign up to the guest list on to attend. For questions and other Emacs conversation join the emacs-london Slack.

See you there!

Pawel & Matt


You can often use Emacs to help you understand what puzzles you or to find out how to do something new. This self-reliance is not only a pleasure, but an advantage. –Emacs Lisp Intro Info pages

Your friendly local Emacs User Group and useful resources about Emacs! Open to all persuasions–emacs, spacemacs, doom etc. Open to all text editor & lisp geeks–programmers, writers, bakers. Meant to be a regular meetup–a beginner vs. advanced topics and talks vs. hands on sessions (config, elisp, new packages, new ideas in emacs etc.). For pre- and post- meetup discussions and all other things Emacs check out slack

Go get an invite!


Join the new emacs-london Slack to discuss the London meetups and all other things Emacs.


Hands on projects–main idea is to use this semi-real-world projects as:

  • ways to explore emacs
  • learn new packages
  • elisp workout

Check out projects info pages ⟩⟩⟩