This website provides information and resources for the Emacs London meetup. We welcome anyone who is interested in Emacs:

  • if you use the defaults, spacemacs, doom, evil or anything else
  • if you're a text editor or lisp geek, a programmer, writer, academic, or even baker
  • whether you discovered Emacs last week or in 1976

We try to meet every month in a central place in London. We usually do not have speakers, because we find a lot of the fun is in interacting with other Emacs users (and it makes it a bit easier to organise).

There have been many meetups over the years in London, and a lot of people from the community have contributed. Currently it is organised by Pawel and Matt. If you'd like to get involved, speak, or just have questions, you can contact us on:

next meetup: April

The next meetup is TBC, but likely to be in April.

emacs-lisp coding materials

See the linked page for ideas and materials that can be used to run a meetup focused on emacs-lisp.

emacs-london Slack

Join the Slack group to discuss Emacs and the London meetups.

contribute to this website

You can find the org-mode source for this website on the linked Github repository. We're very happy for you to contribute, especially to the coding materials.